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Home Sleep Apnea Test (I Need It Now!)

Save $50.00

Our home sleep study program is fast, simple, and affordable! Follow the instructions and sleep with the test for one night. Then simply send back the sleep apnea testing unit in the provided pre-paid packaging and upon receipt, our clinical sleep experts will analyze the data from the unit. The results are then reviewed by a board-certified sleep physician. If you have a positive test result, meaning that you have sleep apnea, we'll contact you and arrange a prescription for sleep apnea equipment. It really is that simple. Our process saves you time and money. 



1. Order test.

2. Our FDA approved test unit will be delivered to you via priority mail express shipping.

3. Wear testing unit for one night in the comfort and security of your own home. Yes, just one night is necessary.

4. Send test unit back in the pre-paid priority mail express packaging.

5. Results are delivered via phone, fax, or email within 48 hours of receipt of testing unit.

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